Throughout my 20+ years in the airbrush industry, I have attended many educational seminars on airbrush and custom painting, along with many of the leaders in the industry. As the owner and operator of the Airbush Art Circus educational program, I want try to fill many of the instructional gaps that are often overlooked by some programs,

Although our classes may look similar to other events, the courses we offer cover a different and more in depth view of the topics than some of the other programs out there.

Myself, as well as the accomplished artists and instructors that the Art Circus has assembled, have a passion for teaching and an enthusiasm for the courses that they will be leading.

To sign up or learn more about the Airbrush Art Circus, visit our Facebook page or our website.

Fall 2017 Courses:


  • Cranial College
    • Instructed by Rob Churchill and Terry Stephens.
    • This class takes students from the raw anatomy of the skull to modified custom culture designs that are proven to sell in the market place. Students will learn to add expression to their work to create art that stands apart from any other.
  • Creating Fantasy
    • Instructed by Gerald Mendez
    • This course covers advanced airbrushing techniques using candies and pearls to create fantasy images. Students will learn use of color and graphic techniques including use of a plotter to create computer generated images. This class will be taught in both English and Spanish. Aprende a Aerografiar en Español.
  • T-Shirt Airbrushing is back with a Vengance
    • Instructor Gary Worthington
    • Proving its dominance as the cornerstone of the airbrush industry, this dynamic class will introduce you to closely guarded secrets and exciting new trends. Using the latest paints and equipment available, students will learn the ins and outs of being a professional t-shirt artist. This curriculum will take students from the fundamentals of t-shirt airbrushing through the creation of custom artwork.
  • Pinstriping
    • Instructor Darin Wenzel
    • This course covers basic lettering techniques, traditional brush work, advanced leafing and freehand scrolling and striping.
  • Plotter Artistry
    • Instructor Scott MacKay
    • This class covers the process of integrating digital design and plotters into traditional methods of custom paint and illustration. Students will learn how to simplify the processes of vector creation and manipulation, along with introducing new approaches to freehand airbrush and traditional painting techniques. This combination of new and old school balances quality craftsmanship with production workflow – a must in today’s market. Students will learn by creating unique, original pieces and how to bring a design from concept to finish. The class is best for Beginners who know the basics through Advanced artists and is for those who have a plotter or have considered purchasing one.
  • Portrait Realism
    • Instructor Cory Saint Clair
    • This class covers animal portraits for the first 2 days and a female portrait for the next 3 days. Students will learn advanced airbrush techniques and use of color including understanding focal point, facial contouring, shadowing and texture.
  • Freedom to Freehand
    • Instructed by Steve Gibson and Ryan Townsend
    • This class explores and develops freehand techniques for artists with limited use of handheld and adhesive masking aids. The focus will be to develop students’ creative abilities independent of traditional airbrush approaches, in lieu of techniques that emphasize the importance of form over detail at the start, then detail of that form in process. This process will utilize the use of transparent layers for easy redirection of concept and imagination.
  • Prep to Polish
    • Instructor Jason Brookshire
    • In this fast paced class you will learn how to remove a dent from a metal surface and properly prep it for primer, base, artwork, clear coat and how to finish with a block polish for a show finish with some of the best products on the market. After students create a perfectly smooth, painted finish they’ll learn how to use a plotter to create computer generated, graphic images.
  • Low Rider Graphics
    • Instructed by Troy Elliot and Kyle Morley
    • This class features 2 parts:
      • 1st – 3 days: Xecution Style with Kyle Morley. Class will instruct use of both airbrush and spray gun to create 3-D effects. This class will cover old-school lowrider “paneling” techniques such as applying metal-flake, pearls, candy colors and clearcoat. Techniques will cover multiple tape-out effects and utilizing custom cut vinyl images.
      • 2nd – 2 days: TNT Panels with Troy Elliot. Students will learn custom painting over ground panels using candy and pearl colors. This course covers grinding both steel and aluminum panels and techniques for achieving deep, candied finishes.